What is Wispor?
Ever play that game where you trade secrets with someone? Wispor is based on that concept. Of course, you can't trade any silly secret for someone's deepest darkest one - that would be unfair. The challenge is exactly how valuable is a secret? Wispor assigns a value to secrets based on ratings. You can only exchange a secret of equal or higher value for another.

How does a secret increase in rating?
A secret's rating is determined by other people. When a secret is unlocked, the person has a chance to rate it based on whether they thought it was worth the trade. The most valuable secrets will only be read by a few people and quickly rise up, their values deemed worthy. High-value secrets are powerful in that they can unlock other high-value secrets.

What is reserve?
A reserve is the minimum value that would be accepted for a trade. Reserves are useful when someone posts a bigger secret and wants to ensure people trade something of value to unlock it. However, reserves do not make a secret more valuable - it just makes it harder to unlock. So it is not useful when you want to trade it out for someone else's secret.

What are Questions?
Anyone can post responses to questions. These responses can then be traded amongst each other, to see what other people wrote. Questions are ideal for situations where you don't want to answer a question unless someone else answers it too.

What happens when I block someone?
Blocks prevent someone from viewing your profile, as well as from initiating trades with you.

Can I delete my own secret right after trading it?
After a secret has been traded out, it cannot be deleted for 24 hours.

Are there privacy settings?
Check out the Settings page for that.

What are the terms of service?
This site is in beta, provided as is.

Who made this?
Patrick did.

I have another question.
Ask me on the Feedback page.
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