Forums - How do we get credits? Are we being forced to buy them?

Nathan Moore

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Posted 2693 days, 2 hrs ago
I don't seem to be getting credits for posting anymore. So, how am I supposed to get them?
Dick Tator

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Posted 2692 days, 22 hrs ago
U GET THEM ANYWAY! just no notification longer :P
(well u need post a secret)
sorry for caps lol
Ragini Tailor Lipka

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Posted 2692 days, 11 hrs ago
i haven't seen my amount go up. Been at 825 for 2 days now
Dick Tator

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Posted 2692 days, 10 hrs ago
i get my credits at least :D
Patrick S

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Posted 2692 days ago
You're supposed to get creds when you post a new secret, or post an answer to a question. A dialog oughtta pop up.
Ragini Tailor Lipka

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Posted 2691 days, 12 hrs ago
not popping up at all for the last few days
Kenny Liew

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Posted 2689 days, 5 hrs ago
10 credits each day for free.... =P
Saad Moosani

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Posted 2686 days, 1 hrs ago
I am getting them ? or not ? lets see....
Eveline Graham

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Posted 2449 days, 20 hrs ago
not getting them either whatever i post (secrets, questions, responces, comments)
Laurie Ioio

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Posted 2368 days, 18 hrs ago
With the new graffiti at HP - we get 10 points for every question we answer here - and we can do it ever 8 hours - I love the new graffiti - but I wish Patrick would lower the credit value to about 5 for each post - I think more people would play it - if he lowered it - just MHO - :) - - -
Amber Are

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Posted 2367 days, 13 hrs ago
Graffiti is a free app on facebook.. you can play there!
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